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5 reasons to choose wooden flooring over carpets

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team

There are various reasons why wooden flooring can provide a better solution than carpeting in a variety of properties, both modern and period. Here, we discuss five of the main reasons why choosing wooden flooring over carpets is a smart decision – and there are a number of reasons.

Easier to clean

It goes without saying that if you have a spillage of liquid
or food on your floor, i
t is much simpler to wipe away if the surface it falls on is a solid one such as wood, plastic or tiling. If you have a spillage on a carpet, particularly one of a light colour, it is very difficult to stop stains from occurring. Even with the right, expensive cleaning products, a lot of elbow grease and an expert know-how, it is almost impossible to remove dark stains such as red wine or coffee once they have set in. Wood provides an ideal solution in this respect, as it does not absorb spillages so quickly, making for a quicker and easier cleaning process should a spillage occur.

Cheaper to fit and maintain

Fitting a carpet requires not only the expense of buying the right amount of the carpet, transporting it or having it delivered to your home, but also the fitting process which should be done by an expert. As well as this, over time as the carpet inevitably weathers, it will be due replacements and refittings; processes which will be costly to the property owner. Wooden floors, by contrast, do not show their wear and tear to such a great extent, meaning their upkeep is much cheaper than carpets as they do not need replacing at periodic intervals.

Increases a property’s value


It is no secret that many people prefer the look of smart wooden flooring in properties over bland, dated carpets. Wooden flooring is so popular in modern interior design with its smart look and feel, that a property with wooden flooring intact within it is likely to have a better value than if the same property were to have carpeted floors.



Strength and durability

As mentioned above, wooden flooring is much more durable than carpets as it is less susceptible to the obvious signs of wear and tear as well as stains and scuffs. This makes it favourable over carpets, which can start to look scruffy and dated quite quickly if not cared for and tended to regularly with the right expertise.

Better for allergies

For any allergy sufferers, it is far preferable to have wooden flooring as opposed to carpets as they do not attract and store dust, fluff, pollen, mildew and mold; all of which can aggravate allergies.

Here at Maltings Timber, we are proud to provide a vast range of types of wood flooring in a variety of finishes to customers throughout Rotherham and Doncaster. With our wealth of experience and high quality range of stock, we guarantee you will find a solution to suit your requirements. For more information on any of our stock, or to arrange for one of our sheds to be installed at your property, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today and let us find the right wooden flooring for your property at a great price.


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