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A complete guide to buying sheds

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team

When considering buying a shed, there are various things to take into account that could prove invaluable when making a decision about what the right shed is for you and your property. Here, we advise on what the key points to consider are when buying a shed:


What size should I opt for?

Possibly the most important of all considerations,
the size of your shed is som
ething that should be chosen carefully in order to ensure a comfortable fit in your garden or outdoor area. As well as this, the size of your shed should be chosen accordingly with the purpose you have it earmarked for. If you simply require a shed to house a couple of garden chairs and for more aesthetic purposes in your outdoors space, you will not necessarily need as large a shed as if you intend on storing a whole host of garden tools and implements within it.


Which material should I choose?


Though traditional sheds are wooden, there are a whole host of materials you can now opt for to ensure not only the right look for your garden but also the highest levels of practicality and functionality.


  • Wood: for a traditional look and feel, opt for a wooden shed and keep that quaint, country feel in your property’s outdoor area.
  • Metal: metal sheds are durable and extremely weather resistant, which makes them an excellent place to store garden tools, furniture and other expensive equipment.
  • Plastic: typically the cheapest option, plastic sheds are light, making them easy to manoeuvre
    whilst still providing waterproof and durable properties.


How easy is it to install?

With the right expertise, sheds of any materials can be easily fitted into your garden or outdoors area to create a practical, functional solution for outdoors storage with an attractive aesthetic. The majority of sheds do need to be assembled, with two or more people required to do so, but with the installation manual provided the task does not have to be a difficult one.

Will it require regular maintenance?

Any shed, whatever the material, will require a
certain level of maintenance to ke
ep it looking its best. If, however, you lead a busy lifestyle, and want a shed that will look great at all times throughout the year with minimal maintenance required, it is worth considering pressure treated sheds. Constructed from pressure treated overlap boards, the wood itself requires no additional treatments throughout the year, allowing it to look smart and be fully functional whatever the weather.

Will it require a power supply?

If you are looking to use your shed as an office or an area in which you will be operating electrical equipment, you will require a power supply; something which will have to be installed by a professional electrician to ensure a safe and correct installation.

Here at Maltings Timber, we are proud to provide a vast range of garden sheds in a variety of finishes to customers throughout Rotherham and Doncaster. With our wealth of experience and high quality range of stock, we guarantee you will find a solution to suit your requirements. For more information on any of our stock, or to arrange for one of our sheds to be installed at your property, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today and let us find the right shed for your garden at a great price.

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