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Fence buying guide

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team

Nowadays there are a wide range of fences available to suit a variety of requiremen
ts. Whether you are after a simply designed lap panel fence, or a decorative trellis, with the wealth of choice available on the market you are bound to be able to find a solution that works for your outdoors space, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Here are some different types of fencing to suit a number of different surroundings in terms of style and functionality:

Privacy fencing

For some, privacy may be a priority when it comes to choosing which fencing to have at a property. If your garden, or property itself is overlooked by neighbours or passers-by, privacy fencing will successfully block the view others may have of you. There are various types of privacy fencing:

Closeboard fencing

This fencing is made from vertical boards tapered on one side, which are nailed onto horizontal rails attached to the posts. A sturdy option, these can provide the privacy you need, providing a practical solution that is cheap and simple to install or have installed at your property.

Lap panel fences

Similarly to closeboard fencing, these fences are also extremely easy to put up and offer good levels of privacy. The main difference being that the panels are attached horizontally between posts that are cemented into the ground.

Combination of lap panel and trellis fencing

For those requiring privacy but who also want an attractive, decorative aesthetic for their fence, why not try a combination of lap panel fencing with trellis fencing atop the panels to offer the decorative aspect of your fence. Equally simple to construct, these fences provide the best of both worlds.


Decorative fencing

Decorative fencing can lift an outdoor space, providing an extra aesthetic to gardens and patios in which style and design are prioritised. Some examples of decorative fencing include:

Wicker fences

Interwoven willow or hazel between posts can provide an attractive, exotic-looking fencing style for those looking to uphold a seriously stylish outdoor space.

Picket fences

Picket fences are a quaint and traditional design which can work in a variety of outdoor spaces. Simple to construct and easy to maintain, pickets work well to surround plots in a picturesque fashion.



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