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Key things to consider with fencing when designing your front and back garden

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team

If you are in the process of giving your garden a revamp and redesigning it, altering its initial contents and overall style, it is important to consider fencing as an integral part of many garden designs.

Benefiting not only you and your family, as well as visitors to the property, a smart and appealing garden can do an excellent job of increasing a property’s value; something well worth considering if you have intentions to sell your property in the near future. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right style of fencing for your property’s front and back gardens or other outdoors space.

Colour and type of wood

First and foremost, it is worth considering the
obvious; how the fence will look within your outdoors space. Aesthetics are a key part of designing any space, and though aspects discussed later in the article such as functionality need to be considered for the purposes of practicality, it is important that the fence you choose is the right colour and style of wood for what you want and for the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Painting your fence

If you wish to have a coloured fence in your garden, it is easy to stain or paint wooden fencing panels the colour you wish, creating the ideal look for your outdoors space. Perhaps you have garden furniture that you wish to use outdoors that is of a particular colour and you’d like your fencing to coordinate in terms of colour and style. White fences can look fresh, clean and even quaint in some settings, or alternatively, deeper, earthy colours like greens and browns can blend seamlessly into a variety of styles of garden and outdoors space.

Functionality and privacy

As mentioned previously, fencing’s primary purpose is to
provide functional borders for whatever reason; should it be to keep pets in a garden, surround flowerbeds or segregate your garden from those of surrounding properties. In this respect, functionality and privacy are key considerations to make when designing your front or back garden or outdoors space.

If you require a fence for high privacy and security, taller constructions with no slats or gps between panels, such as lap panel fences, could be an ideal choice. If, however, you would prefer to opt for something more decorative and privacy and security are not high up on your priorities, you could consider some of the options below.


Accessories and decorative designs

For garden designs that prioritise pleasing
aesthetics, there are a wealth of decorative fence designs and additions, such as trellising, picket fences or willow panel fences. These fences, though not offering such high levels of security and privacy, allow for a variety of designs and looks, whether you are after a quaint look or a more chic and modern solution. As well as this, fences can be dressed up with shrubs or perennials to create an even more appealing look
and help the fencing blend into your garden.


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