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Our Latest News

Our Latest News

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Creative uses for your garden shed

Posted on by Maltings Timber

There are various fun ways to make a garden shed into a desirable and functional space without breaking the bank, so why not get a shed for your garden and make it into something special that will enhance your home. Not only will these ideas increase the value of your property, but most importantly they will … Continue reading

Handy tips from Maltings Timber for painting your garden fence

Posted on by Maltings Timber

After a couple of years, fences can start to show the effects of the elements, with considerable wear and tear making for a scruffy-looking fence that lets down the overall look of your property. Painting your fence does not have to be a difficult job, but there are various things to consider that can not only … Continue reading

How to put up a fence in easy steps

Posted on by Maltings Timber

We know how daunting putting up a fence for the first time can be, which is why we’ve devised a simple step-by-step guide of how to construct your fence in an easy, stress-free manner (with no sweat or tears, and just a little mud).   Preparation When constructing a new fence at your property, preparation … Continue reading

How to choose your fencing panels

Posted on by Maltings Timber

Fencing panels, though a necessity to the functionality of your fence, also play a huge role in its overall appearance, with different panels creating completely different looks. When choosing your fencing panels, there are various considerations to take into account to ensure that you get the right look, size and type of panels for your … Continue reading

Welcome to Maltings Timber News

Posted on by Maltings Timber

As a family run business, Maltings Timber are dedicated to providing customers with the very best service possible. That’s why we’ve decided to start our brand new blog! We are excited to start using these pages as a space to share news from both inside the company and from the wider world of timber. From … Continue reading

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