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Protecting Your Fence During Winter

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team


The winter weather can be very harsh on wooden structures. Wet conditions and violent winds can compromise the integrity of the wood and lead to wood rot and breakages. To help your wooden fence withstand the violent weather, follow Maltings Timber’s top tips to protect your fence this winter.

Cut down overhanging branches

If you have overhanging trees on the border of your property, strong winds can cause limbs to break and fall on your fence, causing severe damage. Furthermore, in wet conditions, the trees can collect moisture and drip excessively, as well as shed organic matter on to your fence below. This increases the moisture in the wood and can cause wood rot to weaken your fence. Remove any branches that overhang your fence to prevent this from becoming a problem in the upcoming months.

Replace damaged panels

Before the harsh weather really hits, inspect your fence for damaged or broken panels. These weakened areas are liable to become damaged much easier and cause the problem to worsen. Replace broken panels as soon as you notice them to prevent the damage from spreading.

You can buy replacement fence panels from any good timber outlet. Maltings Timber offer a range of strong and durable wooden panels to keep your fence in good condition for as long as possible.

Treat the wood

Treat the wood with a good quality varnish or finish to preserve the quality of the wood. This will increase the water-resistance of the wood and delay the appearance of rot. Also, if your fence is installed on grass, you can invest in some insecticide to stop woodlouse and termites from damaging the wood.  

Check the posts are stable

The posts of your fence are an integral aspect of ensuring a strong structure. If any of your posts are loose or weak, they can cause the panels around the fence to fall down in bad weather. Check your posts are dug deep enough into the ground to provide a secure structure – the posts should stand up straight unaided and be capable of supporting the weight of the attached panels.

Regular maintenance can drastically increase the longevity of your wooden fence, however, if your fence is beyond repair, look no further than Maltings Timber for a wide variety of high quality and affordable wooden fences. Treated or untreated, our wood is guaranteed to withstand the elements and provide you with a resilient and attractive garden boundary.

For more information, contact one of our friendly advisors here – we’re always happy to help.

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