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What are the Advantages of Pressure Treated Timber?

Posted on by Maltings Timber Team



Pressure treated wood is widely used within the construction industry, and it has a whole host of benefits that make it a superior choice.

What is Pressure Treated Timber?

Simply put, pressure treated timber is produced when timber is placed under a vacuum and under pressure to force chemical preservatives into the wood. Many can wrongly believe that the chemicals are harmful to the earth, and indeed, up until 2003, that was the case. Now, however, under regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency, pressure treated wood is produced using new chemicals that don’t harm the soil, but still boast the impressive benefits.

The Benefits


  1. Strong
    Pressure treated timber is stronger than untreated wood and can withstand much more force. It is difficult to damage the wood so, when installed, it will provide a sturdy structure.
  2. Long Lasting
    Pressure treated timber is guaranteed to last for many years to come, thanks to its strength and resistance to fungal decay and insect/pest damage.
  3. A More Environmental Choice
    It is not often that something produced with chemicals is thought of as environmentally friendly, but pressure treated timber actually has many qualities that are beneficial to the environment. Firstly, preserving the wood uses less energy than alternative means of producing building supplies, and the finished wood can usually last longer than the other choices. Also, because of its longevity, there is reduced strain on the forest as there is less need for deforestation. A final benefit, the most used chemical in the treatment of pressurised wood is copper, which is produced as a byproduct from recycling and would otherwise be discarded.
  4. Low-Maintenance
    As previously mentioned, pressure treated timber is impervious to pests, termites, and water, which makes the wood resistant to rot and water damage, and will therefore need significantly less maintenance. The timber can be installed and then forgotten about for a long period of time without worry.
  5. Economical
    Many varieties of pressure treated timber are actually cheaper to buy than traditional redwood, but be warned that some of the cheaper varieties won’t look as good as the more expensive varieties. However, even by choosing a more premium type of pressure treated timber, you’re still making a more economical purchase when you consider that your pressure treated timber is likely to last as long as you need it, whereas the cost of replacing untreated wood when needed will outweigh the initial cost of pressure treated timber – not to mention the labour you’ll save by not having to repair or replace rotten or weak wood!


Maltings Timber always stock high-quality pressure treated timber, and we’re so certain of the quality that we’ll guarantee it will last at least 15 years! Our expert team will always be on hand to offer you advice and assistance, so you can be certain that you’re buying the right supplies for your project. For more information on this, or to discuss any of our other supplies, feel free to get in contact with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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